Transportation Research

Brandocular can implement a variety of custom research. Some recent examples have included:

Services in the Transportation Sector

We support performance measurement and evaluation in sustainable transportation. This is a new business for us. Here are some projects that are currently in process:

Transportation Demand Management

We design processes to evaluate the performance of transportation demand management programs (also known as mobility management or travel planning). This can involve measuring output,  such as the number of employers and/or employees who are members or who participate in a Transportation Management Association. We can also create an integrated evaluation toolbox, mixing ‘off the shelf’ tools with customer tools such as travel diaries, incentive reporting, parking cash-out monitoring, and more. We are following developments in US Federal trends toward outcome measurements and are developing tools to respond to these changing requirements.

Public Participation Technology Evaluation

We’re also a subcontractor on a Federal Transit Administration grant that supports innovations in transportation planning. In a project that uses social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, for public participation on an urban transportation plan, we are conducting qualitative surveys of decision-makers to assess both expectations before the project -as well as post-project- evaluation to determine how decision makers use that information.