Example Engagements

A National Home Improvement client provides major home improvements (e.g. kitchen remodels, bath remodels, flooring) in many areas of the U.S. and has a highly distributed organization across regions. We conduct thousands of surveys every month with their customers after an installation is complete. Our client logs onto our website where they can monitor performance, including the calculated industry-standard Net Promoter Score, on a daily basis by region, by part of the region by install, sales, and customer service groups. We rank their installation and sales teams based on the Net Promotor Score and other sub-factors of loyalty.  “Every morning at 10am our teams across the country review the prior day’s results and develop actions to respond accordingly.”  Vice President, Customer Care

An Insurance Company client asked us to survey their customers just after receiving a repair service from their network of partners who provide repairs after casualty losses. Thousands of surveys are conducted every month so that they can monitor whether a service partner can remain in their referral program. The surveys and performance metrics are an essential element to the value proposition: the insurance company’s customers get the best service at vetted partners. Any issues that were identified during the surveys generated alerts to the insurance company’s escalation staff, who, in turn, brought the issue to closure with the third-party repair network partner. “We have benefited tremendously by working with Brandocular.” – Director, Call Center Operations

Transportation Surveys

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