Benefits and Features

See what our Automated Surveys offer

Understand better.  Listen at different points in a customer’s experience

Brandocular can be triggered based on a customer interaction –the closing of a sale or some other events. It allows you to identify your customer experiences and loyalty. Learn more.

Gain insight through built-in analytics

Support your decisions, implement, and prioritize projects based on how it will likely affect customer loyalty. Identify issues of people, processes, and technology. Allow your organization to manage satisfaction and loyalty by gaining access to insight and information.

Motivate your staff to improve through rankings and reliable data.

Build a competitive atmosphere by going through staff rankings of customer satisfaction by employee, by function, by group, or by product. Customer satisfaction numbers can finally be used for employee evaluation, rewards, and other motivation.

Save time with our bank of proven questions

Avoid trial and error and use our proven questions that allow you to immediately gain insight and dig into issues and potential actions.

Compete. Compare your results to your peers

Brandocular uses industry standard methodology and metrics such as Net Promoter Score™ so that you can follow your results versus competitors and other companies. Brandocular can also arrange for custom research to benchmark your customer satisfaction and loyalty metrics against your primary competitors.

Easier. Use your existing CRM to trigger surveys

Surveys can be triggered by events in your CRM, such as, like a case closure or closing of a sale.

Communicate with your customers using a variety of channels

If you don’t have email, we can call. We can intercept on the webpage. We can gather data via web intercept, email, telephone and other methods during or soon after an interaction.

Less administration, more awareness. Distribute the data to your employees and contractors via the web.

A lot of companies can do surveys and supply you with data. Unfortunately, too much of that data becomes dated by over-analyzation and then it’s out of date or people simply don’t know what it means. We make it easy for employees and contractors to get involved with the data by logging in and seeing the results of surveys tailored to their role. For example, the product manager can look at their product, or the sales manager can look at just their group. This is critical in garnering attention and catalyzing effective action. Learn More.

Close the loop on issues that are discovered in the surveys

Brandocular can alert your team(s) based on triggers of certain responses in the surveys, so that you can start a resolution process. The closure of your resolution process can generate a follow up survey to ensure that resolutions are producing satisfaction and retention.

Metrics that are easy to understand and communicate

We translate the results of the question Would you recommend to a friend? into a “Net Promoter Score™”, which was popularized in the book and is now an industry-standard. The Net Promoter Score™ is immediately understandable by a wide variety of audiences and through our experience, it is powerfully motivating.